What Is HDR (High Dynamic Range) Image Mode On Your Smartphone And When You Should Use It

What Is HDR (High Dynamic Range) Image Mode On Your Smartphone And When You Should Use It

Every smartphone nowadays comes with HDR mode for camera. But everyone is not aware about the feature. Even if you are aware you might not know what exactly is HDR camera mode. If you don’t know what exactly is HDR, stay with us through the article and we will make sure all your doubts get clear.

What Is HDR?

HDR is High Dynamic Range image. The brightest and the darkest level what smartphone can capture is called as dynamic range. In HDR mode this dynamic range increases significantly. This helps the camera to capture more details about the image and thus giving best output it can deliver.

How Does HDR Work

First things first, HDR is not a hardware feature but is a software feature.

Earlier what they use to do was, capture three images of same scene or object in high exposure, medium exposure and low exposure. Captured images were imported in software like Photoshop manually followed by processing of the images. These three images were combined to make a single image. As the resultant image was combination of three images it had more details.

Nowadays in smartphone the HDR software is already available. When you enable HDR feature of your smartphone, it automatically does the job. When you capture a photo in your smatphone with HDR mode on, it automatically captures three images in background, processes them and omits a final image. You must have noticed, when you capture a photo with HDR mode, it takes more time than usual. Because, it has to capture three images.


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When You Should Use HDR Mode

HDR mode is not meant for every photos. If HDR can enhance your photos, it can also ruin your photos. It is recommended to use HDR only at certain places.


  1. Landscape Scenes : Landscape scenes often have more vibrant and distributed colors. These details are hard to capture with normal camera mode. The difference between the sky and land or sunlight and shadow is difficult to capture. HDR can help you to capture best snaps.
  2. Low And High Back-light Scenes : If you are capturing a photo in too dark or with bright back light background then you should use HDR as it would capture both high and low exposure details and will combine to give you the best output.

When You Should Not Use HDR Mode

As we stated earlier, using HDR always is not recommended. It can ruin your photos. Here are some recommended scenarios where you should not use HDR.


Image Credits : lifehacker.com

  1. Moving Objects : You should use not HDR imaging mode for moving object. We know that HDR captures three different images, so the HDR might capture three different images of the object in three different positions. And the resultant image will be of no use.
  2. High Contrast Images : If you want to capture some images with high contrast like a dark picture with dark background then you should not use HDR as it would fill the light in that dark background.
  3. Light Effects : If you have to capture some images with light effects then you should definitely not use HDR as it would distort your light effects.

Now that you have understood when and where to use HDR imaging go ahead and start capturing images like a pro using your smartphone. If you are lucky enough you will definitely end up capturing some awesome images.

Do let us know in the comment section below what you feel about this article and as always we are open for all your questions and suggestions.

Happy Learning!

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