10 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using Social Media

10 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using Social Media

Is there anyone who doesn’t love social media? Social media help to connect the world. It is the most interesting thing for youth today. Social media help us to stay updated with our friend’s activities, news, society updates and much more. We share almost everything on social media, even our personal life. Yes, social media is meant to share, but sharing personal space is not good.

In recent studies it is observed that 70% of youth on internet spend their time on social media only, and that too more time on Facebook. Facebook helps us in lot of manner. But spending lot of time on Facebook is also not good. Here we are going to tell you few things which you should avoid while using any social network.

Mistakes To Avoid On Social Media

  1. Don’t Share Any Personal Information :
    You should be very careful while sharing anything on social media. People share almost anything. That is really bad. Don’t share you personal information such as your email address, phone number, residential address and anything personal. This information could be used against you at any point of time. Hackers and bad people are continuously on hunt for this kind of information. Every social media platform offers privacy options. Use those options to secure your information.
  2. Check Privacy Before Sharing Anything : 
    Everybody loves to share photos, updates status. But do you really know what is the visibility of your shared content? Who can view you shared content? Sharing any kind of information publicly is bad. You should check the privacy of your content as well. Every social media platform asks you for the privacy of the content you are going to share. I would recommend, share you information only to the people you now. There are consequences of sharing content publicly.
  3. Optimize You Profile :
    Optimizing your profile means keeping the information up to date, but with proper privacy. Optimizing your information helps you to get proper tailored content into your feeds. This helps you to get what you need. So don’t avoid to optimize your profile.
  4. Don’t Get Into Unnecessary Arguments :
    Anybody can post anything on social media. You don’t have to get into everything out there. People might post anything controversial, you don’t need to oppose him/her. This leads you to get those thoughts into your mind unnecessarily and due to which you can lose your productivity. The second aspect of it is, you might create your bad image in front of all on social media. Because, all eyes are watching you.
  5. Don’t Share Anything Related To Your Job :
    Sharing anything related to your job or your boss is illegal. Your employer keeps an eye on your social activities. Sharing anything against your employer might put your job in danger. You could end up loosing your job just because of a single status update.
  6. Don’t Share Anything Related To Alcohol And Partying : 
    Today in society drinking alcohol is considered as bad habit. You should not post images with alcohol bottles, updates saying “drinking” and don’t even check in into bars. Your friends, family members and your colleagues are connected to you on social media. This could create your negative image.
  7. Don’t Share Anything Related To Sex : 
    Sharing sexual and adult content on social media is against cyber laws. This leads to spreading wrong message on social media and society. And most important it leads to create your bad image.
  8. Don’t Share Any Religious Content Or Don’t Get Into Religious Discussions : 
    Today our religion matters really less. We all have grown together in our schools and collages. At that time have we ever thought about our friend’s religion? Than why we think about religions now? Don’t encourage such bad discussions and such bad social activists to success in their job.
  9. Don’t Like Or Comment On Fake Contents : 
    There is some content floating around on internet saying type “amen”, “1 like 1 dollar”, “1 share 1 blessing”. Don’t comment or like or comment on such photos. They are often meant to gather public. They want you to make their content public. Don’t ever support this kind of content.
  10. Don’t Sign Up For Unverified Apps :
    You must have seen the apps which claim to predict your future, your date of marriage, your date of death or your best friends. Don’t sign up for these apps guys. They do their work, but they also capture your personal information. This information can be for anything.

Friends these were some mistakes you should avoid while using social media. But, always keep in mind it is privacy what matters. Make sure your personal information is always safe on social media. Take some precautions and there is no other fun like using social media.

Do let us know guys what you feel about this article. You can comment down below if you have some more tips. And as always we are always open for questions.

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