Upcoming Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2017

Top Digital Marketing Trends In 2017

This is the perfect time of the year when we should talk about upcoming digital marketing trends of 2017. In 2017 organizations, brands or companies can’t even think of promoting and selling their products without digital marketing. Small to large organisation, all have taken a good grip on the market with the help of digital marketing in 2016. So, the trend will be continued very well in 2017. We are in very last phase of 2016 and now we should have a glimpse of future. Below are some upcoming digital marketing trends in 2017.

Quality Content Will Rule

Content is like a superhero in Digital Marketing. Quality content will be the top trend of digital marketing in 2017. Increased involvement of content writers and video producers will cause enrichment of quality content, which will make content marketing more effective and hence more competitive. The content which can attract customer immediately will be the key. Tailored content for audience would be another most important strategy in digital marketing.

Social Media Is Unbeatable

Nothing can be more great than social media marketing when it comes to engaging audience.  In 2017, social media will not only increase the traffic but will also provide opportunities to improve conversion rates. Personalized feeds of customers will help social media marketers to reach the proper audience and increase the overall business. Bloggers and Youtubers will hold the major piece of the cake of social media marketing in 2017.

Increase in Mobility Devices and Apps

As the mobile technologies are growing exponentially, constructing a splendid and creative user experience will be a key trick. This will be more helpful to mobile driven customers without switching to the desktop.

Nowadays more transactions happen on mobile native apps than on websites. According to Google analytics data, 30% of all online shopping happens on mobile devices. Mobile searches related to shopping jumped by 120% in 2015. Apps are more personalized, customized and flexible on mobiles phones than websites. Which makes apps more preferred option for potential users.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques for mobile marketing will be more important in 2017. Mobile optimization will be the priority for marketers in 2017.

Increasing Wearable Gadgets And Smart Devices

Nowadays many fitness bands, smart watches and other wearable devices are well established in the market. They say wearables is the next big thing. This will definitely provide more opportunities for digital marketing. All these latest technologies lead to more potential customer data and stronger insights of user interaction. The data generated can be used to decrease the line between online marketing and real marketing.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A report generated by business intelligence says that by 2018 at least half of the world’s population would be connected via the Internet. It has also suggested that each human being by 2020 will have as many as 4 devices that connected via the Internet.

Internet of things is a huge digital marketing asset as it generates lot of high quality data. It can be used to record user activity details and customer references. This clearly indicates that IoT can be used as a great resource for digital marketing in 2017.

Personalized Video Ads

Video ads are not new to us anymore. Many businesses uses this strategy very effectively for their products and services. By combining this trend with new technologies like shoppable videos, the business owners will definitely get more growth in the year ahead and beyond.

These trends clearly indicate that business owners cannot avoid digital marketing for their business at any cost. The go-to-market strategy will be altered and the digital marketing is here to stay for a long time.

What do you feel about the digital marketing trends in 2017? Do let us know in the comment section below. And feel free to ask questions.

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