3.2 Million Debit Cards Compromised | India Faces The Historic Hard Hit From Hackers


More than 3.2 million (32 lakh) debit card details are compromised and top most banks from India are on the list. Yes, recently India has got a hard hit from hackers. 3.2 million debit cards are infected by a malware. The banks include Yes bank, Axis, HDFC, State Bank Of India and ICICI. The malware is able to do unauthorized transactions, compromise your debit card details. And no one will be responsible for your loss. Your bank may contact you soon to either change your PIN, or bank may give you a replacement of your debit card.

How all this happened?

The news says, malware has been injected first into a Yes Bank ATM machine which was managed by Hitachi Payment Services. After that whenever any other bank ATM user used the infected machine, the malware started spreading. And this lead to 3.2 million accounts compromise.

The malware is said to be injected by some Chinese hackers. As the unauthorized transactions are located from China.

What you should do now?

  • Change your ATM PIN as soon as possible from your bank ATM machine rather I would prefer change the ATM PIN from online portal of your bank.
  • Do not use any other bank’s ATM
  • Contact your bank if you face any unusual activity.

Will Bank Pay Your Losses?

No, your bank will not pay your loss. Because, this is neither a transaction issue from bank nor service breakdown. You will have to bear the losses.

Be careful while doing any ATM transaction or Online transaction.

Stay Safe.

Happy Learning!

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