Who Am I?

“Just Do It! If You Win, You Will Lead, If You Lose, You Will Guide”

Believing in above lines, I am starting up this new activity of blogging, sharing. I love to read and write. Well, I won’t claim I am a huge reader and deep writer. But, I am able to write what I want to say. It was my urge to write, and I can’t keep it inside anymore, so I have selected this channel to share my thoughts, my knowledge.

I am Sushank Dahiwadkar, a free man in this free world. By profession I am Computer Engineer. I belong to a great nation, India. I have really a good life. A good career, a perfect family, loving wife, awesome friends, I have this all. I work at a leading IT company. And i have started blogging just out of passion.

Everyone has a set of dreams (it should be a dream, but we have lot of dreams), we wish that all of them should come true. But, trust me they won’t come true unless you fight to achieve them. I also have lot of dreams, and one of those is “writing articles”. I call it as dream because, I want to write and pass it over to you guys to read and also want to hear back from you. This is not very easy to achieve, so I call it as a dream.

As I am computer engineer, I have some knowledge of my field. Then it’s but obvious that my more articles would be technical related to computer science, programming, new technologies, new innovations and whatever else I can share.

I am beginning this new journey, and really wish to walk very far down this path. On this path I would really need your wishes, suggestions and support. I will make sure whatever I am sharing will be the best content. And I will try to be very regular with my blogs. Thanks for reading this far, this means yes I can catch your attention. Cheers!

Sharing is Caring. So, Do Share.

Happy Learning!