Difference Between Headphone, Headset And Earphone Explained

Difference Between Headphone, Headset And Earphone Explained

We often use these terms interchangeably, but have we ever thought about the difference between them? While talking we don’t even think what we are talking about. We feel headphone, headset and earphone are many names to one common thing, but this is absolutely false. There is a reason between different names. Every equipment has its own characteristics and qualities. But all of them have one thing in common, they are used to hear sound. Read through this article and we will try to clear all your doubts, after that you won’t use wrong names to wrong things.


As the name suggests, it is equipment which you can wear around your head. Yes, very first thing about headphone is you can wear them above your head. They have large hearing cups which can cover your ear, or might fit exactly over your ear. Headphone is comfortable to wear. If you have good quality headphones, you can easily use them for long time. Headphone offer great sound quality with better noise cancellation. It is a first choice for music lovers, gamers and professionals. They are great to use at home with your personal computer or in studio. But, they are not comfortable enough to carry around, as they are big in shape. Headphone generally don’t have mic attached to it. They are only used for hearing purpose.


Headphone have two hearing cups. Each cup is called as a headphone, means the complete set should be called as headphones. But, it is called as headphone.


Headset is also an equipment which is wear over head. But, headset is different from headphone. The original meaning of headset is, an equipment of which one side is a speaker and other side is a mic. But, nowadays you get hearing component on each side and also a mic. So, headset is a device through which you can talk as well as listen. Headset is mainly use in offices and call centers. They can be connected to landline phones, IP phones, mobile phones or a computer. Headset comes to rescue when you have to attend long calls. The hearing cup of headset also comes in variety like over the ear, around the ear etc. Headset is not great for hearing music. But, they do offer you better noise cancellation when you are on call.



Taking the meaning literally, earphone is a device which you can use with your ears. And that’s true. Earphone fits directly into your ear canal. They are small in size compared to headphone and headset. They can be used as headphone and a headset. Earphone have small speakers to hear and also have a mic to talk. Earphone is first choice for travelers, gym goers, college students and whoever want’s to hear music on the go. They are really easy to carry around. Earphone offers you great sound quality, high noise cancellation. Earphone are generally used with mobile devices like smartphones, tablets or portable music players.



This was the basic difference between headphone, headset and earphone. Soon, we will come up with detail description of every type.

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