Different Kind Of Sensors Available On A Smartphone

Different Kind Of Sensors Available On A Smartphone

Mobile phones have traveled a way long. It’s been a long journey from almost no feature phone to a phone which has embedded all world in it. Daily advancement in technology introduces us to new features and functionalities. And smartphone manufacturers daily try to embed that new technology into their new smartphones. Features like GPS, auto brightness, virtual reality does not work on its own, but they do need a sensor.

Sensors are small electronic devices, which are intended to perform a specific task accurately. Sensors can be used to detect the light, measure the direction and many more. Let’s see in this article what sensors come along with latest smartphones.


This is the most common sensor and nowadays almost every phone has it. As the name suggests, this sensor is used to measure the acceleration. The acceleration ca be measured during free fall. But, in smartphone’s case accelerometer is used to measure the orientation of smartphone along three axis. Accelerometer decides if your smartphone’s screen is in horizontal or vertical position.


Gyroscope provides the orientation of the smartphone but with greater accuracy and precision. It can be used to measure, in what direction the smartphone is pointing. Gyroscope is the thing which enables the use of Virtual Reality on your smartphone. If you are viewing a 360 degree photo, you move smartphone in any direction to get the view of that direction, it is gyroscope which allows you to do so.


Magnetometer is used to detect the magnetic field around your smartphone. It helps to determine the north pole of earth. This sensor can be used in compass and direction related applications.

Proximity Sensor

Proximity sensor is used to detect the objects. The sensor uses Infrared Rays to detect the objects. This sensor can be found next to the earpiece or front camera of your smartphone. When you take the phone near your ear, the Infrared Rays emitted from the Infrared LED reflects back from your skin and Infrared Light detector detects that lights and dims the display of your smartphone. It is used to lock the screen when you are on call.

Light Sensor

In case if you have enabled the adaptive brightness feature of your smartphone, you might know what I am talking about. Yes, the light sensor is used to detect the ambient light around your smartphone. The sensor is used to detect the light and adjust the brightness of your smartphone accordingly. The sensor comes handy when you transit often between high and low light environment.


Barometer is used to detect the atmospheric pressure. The sensor is used to detect the location of your smartphone in the term of height. It can detect at what height is your smartphone from sea level, based on the atmospheric pressure around. It is used to measure the GPS location accurately. This is not the common sensor which comes along, only few phones featured this one.


We all know what thermometer is. If you don’t know, thermometer is used to measure the temperature. All smartphones comes along with a thermometer to measure the temperature of the processor and battery. The temperature of battery and processor is measured because, in case if they heat up more than the expected level, the smartphone turn off automatically to avoid the next hazard.


Pedometer is used for tracking the footsteps you have taken. The footsteps can also be counted using accelerometer, but pedometer is more accurate. It is used by fitness applications.

Heart Rate Monitor

The sensor is used to count your heart rate. It measure the data, by analyzing the blood flow in your finger. Though this might not be very accurate when it comes to smartphone. But, it has proved significant benefits while using with smartbands.

Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensor is a kind of bio-metric sensor. This is used to detect the user’s fingerprint. It is used as authentication system on latest smartphones. Users can used the sensor to unlock their phones and click camera shots. It is gaining a lot of popularity this days. Every mid-range smartphone sports this sensor.


Did you thought about this sensor? This is main sensor of them all. If microphone is not in your smartphone, you might throw it away. Yes, the microphone is used to detect the sound. You cannot talk on smartphone without this sensors.


These were pretty much common sensors which come along smartphones. We have not listed the antenna sensors used for detecting networks, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These are by default sensors, without which smartphone cannot be built. Do you have any sensor to add up in our list? If yes, do let us know in the comment section below. And as always, we are always open for your questions.

Happy Learning!

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