How Your Domain Name And Domain Extension Affects Your SEO

How Your Domain Name And Domain Extension Affects Your SEO

When you start your new website, the first and most important decision you have to make is choosing the domain name. You can know more about Domain Name here. Your choice of domain name will impact the success of your website in almost every area, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing as well. Though it’s not only the domain name but yes it is one of the important factor. Lets now examine how the domain name of your website impacts affects the SEO.

What Are Domains

  1. TLD : TLD’s are Top Level Domains. TLD is the main domain name around the web. Examples of TLD’s are .com, .org, .net. TLD’s are also called as Domain Extensions. Now a days there are so many TLD’s but only few of them ranks well. Few them which ranks well are .com, .org and .net. You can read more about TLD here.
  2. SLD : SLD’s are Second Level Domain. Second Level Domain are the domains which are purchased from sites like Godaddy or Namecheap. Example of SLD is, consider “” the “.com” is top-level domain and “thehappylearning” is second level domain.
    So now when it comes to choosing the domain name of your website there are many things which are must to be taken under consideration. So how do you choose your SLD?
    Naming your stuff – your business, your child, your bike or your gorgeous car is the toughest thing to do when you want a super unique name. Even if it comes to your domain name. But it will not be wrong if said that all the domain names you have in your mind are already taken by others. The concern should not be just the availability of the name but the effect of it on SEO and the success of your business in general.

Below are some factors which you should consider while buying your SLD:

  • Memorability of Your Domain Name : There is number of consideration to keep in mind while choosing the domain name. Such as, the domain name should be short, easy to remember, easy to type, also easy to pronounce. These are the best practice for the websites that rely on word-of-mouth advertisement.
  • Keyword Rich Domain (target the keyword) : There are mainly two benefits of keyword rich domain. First – the domain name becomes a ranking factor itself which is considered by the search engine while calculating the relevant result pages. Second – The relevant keywords in domain name is beneficial because the domain name is the text that users will use as anchor text when linking. Since, keywords in anchor text is an important ranking factor. You often notice that Google highlights the searched keyword even if it is in your domain name.
  • The Brand Name as Keyword : Use your brand name as your domain name. Sometimes your brand name is not the keyword. Then you can think of using keyword while naming your business.
  • Relevant Domain Name : When you choose your domain name, relevance plays an important role. Your domain should pass the correct message to the audience of your website. Before people come to your website, by looking at the domain name, they can have better understanding about what your business exactly do.
  • Keep It Short & Simple : The readability of your domain name makes it more user-friendly. Short domain names are always easy to remember. This makes your website a re-visit destination for your users.
  • Use of Hyphens in Domain Name : If you have two or more words in your domain name for example “”. You may want to use hyphens in between them for readability such as “”. Here is the thing which you must consider is that hyphens highly correlates spammy behavior and more than one hyphen should not be included in your domain name. So it is recommended that use domain names containing only one or two words stick to each other.

How Does Domain Names (SLD’s) and Domain Extensions (TLD’s) Affects SEO?

Now the ultimate question is how all these affects the SEO of your website? Google’s Algorithm have near about 200 ranking factors and domain name is only one of them. So it has really little effect on the site’s SEO. However, using an effective TLD and SLD will really help in many ways.

  • Managing The Reputation : If you have a relevant, properly spelled domain name then the page authority and domain authority of your website will definitely increases. And your reputation too.
  • Relevancy : As said earlier relevancy always plays an important role for the SEO. Google always highlights the targeted keywords even if they are in your TLD or SLD.
  • Right Audience : To reach to the right audience use domain extensions which are geographical relevant. That will surely help you to improve the SEO of your website.

So the final thought is domain name should be the name which strongly reflect what your blog or company is all about. Matt Cutt explained that they will continue to rank the best result regardless of the domain names and extensions. So the best practice is pick the domain name which suits you the best, optimize it by doing proper SEO and your website will definitely rank on Google.

What are your thoughts on above article, let us know by commenting below. And as always we are open for all yoru questions.

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