Essential Apps For Roommates

Essential Apps For Roommates

Living with your friends at same place is the best thing on earth. But, being a roommate is not that easy. You not only share your living place but you also share your bills, food, work and many other things. And what happens when things doesn’t work out properly.

Don’t worry we have a solution for all these. Guys, we have technology on our side. Rather wasting the power of technology, let’s put it to work for our ease. Well, this is the reason why new things are Invented. Obviously, to overcome our problems and make our life easy.

Here are some apps which can help you:

Splitwise for sharing your bills.


When you are sharing your expenses for food, electricity, gas, laundry with your roommates or your friends it becomes a lot more overhead while asking your money back. Things might go wrong like calculations or returns. But, Splitwise makes it easy for you to do so.

Splitwise is an Android and iOS app which allows you to create group of your partners in expense sharing.  Where you can actually split your expenses. Only you need to do is, add an expense into the app and mention the person you are sharing bill with. Splitwise will send notification to all the members who are involved in the expense. Splitwise sends you an email for your monthly balance and lets you know how much you have to pay to whom and how much you have to take back from whom. Splitwise really makes it easy for you to share bills. I am using Splitwise from last 8 months and it is doing its job perfectly.

Moneyview for tracking your expenses.


Tracking our own expenses is really a tough and tedious job. But what if someone does that for you freely, isn’t that great? Moneyview is the utility you must have. This app is an awesome thing which I am using from last few months.

So what is exactly Moneyview ?  It’s and an android app which is your personal financial manager. It tracks your messages from your bank regarding credit and debit and automatically show you a summarized picture of your transactions. You can also enter your daily expenses manually. Its show you a well-structured view, where you are up to on your balance. It helps you to plan your monthly budget. It has a very convenient way of notifying you when you are missing something. It also helps you to share your expenses with your friends. Moneyview has a lot of features you will love and Moneyview is also evolving every day to make your money management more easy.

Whatsapp for sharing of information and work.


Communication is the biggest problem where things can go wrong. We have work divided among us at our living place. And if you miss your part of work the you deserve an award from your roomies, right? Many times many of us don’t get time to meet to our roommates if you are working in shifts, again communication problem. Here is the solution.

There are many apps which helps you to communicate to your roomies about the task list pending on his or her side. But, what I think, why to clog your phone’s memory unnecessarily with and additional app where an existing app can do the same work. We can use Whatsapp to communicate to each other. I would suggest you create a group of your roommates and communicate there.  These helps a lot.


Well, these were some apps which could help you out on making things better and easier. But at the end it is  up to you how to live with your roommates and make the place a happy place.

Do let us know if you are using one of these apps? And also let us know the app which you are using with your roommates to make living easier.

Happy Learning !

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