Google Allo – All You Need To Know About WhatsApp’s New Competitor



Google made a promise lately in Google I/O 2016 event to launch a messaging app and here it is. Google Allo is a personal messanging app. Allo supports one to one as well as group conversations. Smart and quick reply, reply on the go, rich set of stickers and emojis, incognito chat, google assistant and end to end encryption are some of the features of Google Allo. Google assistant is the feature due to which Allo stands out from the crowd.


Smart and Quick Reply

Allo lets you reply on the go. It suggests you the reply when you get a new messsage. Allo suggests you reply on the basis of what kind of person you are. It suggests you smart reply for emojis and photos on single tap. You can actually add more meaning to your text by adjusting the text size of your message. Just roll over the slider of send button and the size of text will automatically increase and decrease.




Incognito Chat

With Incognito mode you can chat privately. In incognito mode your conversation are encrypted end to end. Your conversation is not encrypted in normal mode. Allo’s incognito is same as Google Chrome’s incognito. In incognito mode you can set the expiration date of messages i.e. you can actually tell google when it should delete your conversation. You can start incognito chat by tapping on new chat and then start incognito chat.


Google Assistant

This is the the super cool awesome feature of Google Allo. And this is what makes Allo a Boss. Allo comes with embedded Google Assistant which actually does you task like getting information from internet, setting an alarm, play music and much more. You can call Allo’s Google assistant the subset of Google Now.


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You can download Google from here:


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