Google I/0 2016

google i/o 2016

What is Google IO?

Google IO is the event which Google conducts every year where they showcase their new innovations, technologies and the awesome work they do. Google IO is the collections of many sessions where each session is filled with in-depth knowledge of new products from Google. Google IO was started in the year 2008 and is expanding till date. Many developers, techno-experts and tech-enthusiast visit this event to gather information as much as they can.

Google IO 2016

Recently Google IO was conducted in California. Many new features for Android N, new products and new devices were introduced here.

Check out the Google IO keynote session here:

Here, we will try to briefly make you learn what new was introduced this year.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the personal assistant which we will get on our Android phones. Google Assistant is the update for Google Now which is currently in our mobiles. Google has added lot many features in Google Assistant and has tried to make it more Personal and more Smart. Google Assistant will also be available in Google’s new messaging app called “Allo” and a device called “Google Home”. You will experience two way communication while talking with Google Assistant. By introducing Google Assistant, it is automatically added to list of rich personal assistant’s list which includes Siri from Apple and Cortana from Microsoft. Google Assistant uses NLP (National Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to its fullest.

Google Home

Google Home is a Voice controlled device and Wireless Speaker which will be connected to various smart devices at your home. Google Home is embedded with Google Assistant. Just Say “Ok Google <whatever you wish>” and your work is done. You can control almost everything which can be connected to Google Home. Google Home manages everyday tasks effortlessly like adding up reminders, controlling lights, booking a table at restaurant, cancelling flight and many more.


Allo is a smart messaging app from Google. Allo is a combination of Expressions, Google Assistant and Additional Security. Allo helps you fill your conversations with Expressions. It suggests you reply on the fly and also sends smart reply to photos. Yes, Allo has Incognito mode as well. In short Allo is Fast, Smart and Secure Communication App.



Duo is a Video Companion to Allo. Duo is video app which allows you make video calls to your friends and family. Duo has rich algorithms which allows it to work on slow network with maximum performance. Duo is superb fast. Duo has Knock check which helps you to find who is calling you with what mood with showing the video in advance before receiving the call.

Android N

This is something which we are waiting for. Android N has excelled far in Performance, Productivity and Security. Android N has improved performance with JIT (Just in Time) compiler, Vulkan APIs for graphics and lot more aspects. You will get lot of options for increasing Productivity in Android N. And Of course, all this comes with additional Security. Right now you will get developer preview of Android N but in very short time we will see the all new Android N.

Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 is the update which will make our wear devices more effective and productive. It has got new watch face. Messaging with smart reply, handwriting and small keyboard makes it much more effective. Activity recognition is embedded with all new Google Fit data API. Basically Android Wear is all new with fun and productivity.

Android Studio 2.2

Android Studio is the official IDE from Google for developing Android applications. This update for android studio is a bunch of new functionalities. It has faster emulators, faster builds, instant run, test recording, APK analyzer, layout inspector and many more things. The much interesting things here is new layout designer with constraint layout. Now it has enhanced support for C++. It is definitely going to make developer’s life easy.

We have tried to cover as much as we can. But we are going to cover all this topic in much detail.

If you have more updates about Google IO 2016 leave your reply in comment section. Stay connected for more updates.

Happy Learning!

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