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Torrent, how torrent works, use of torrent

“Torrent is nothing but a system which allows users to upload and download large contents/data from internet using point to point protocol”.

We all use Torrents for downloading, why? because it offers higher speed for download, right? Mainly Torrent is used for pirating the contents over internet, but Torrent was not made for piracy. Torrent is a fantastic concept which helps for distribution of contents. So what is torrent, what is it intended for and how does it work, let’s learn it here.

How does Internet Works:

When a user accesses a webpage like this one, it is downloaded from the web server where the content is hosted. Every user downloads separate copy of webpage on his/her computer from a centralized web server. This is how internet works.

What is Torrent:

Torrent is a thing which works on Point to Point or Peer to Peer Protocol. Which means the data isn’t on a single centralized server, but is distributed. Torrent removes the need for centralized server. Rather exchanging the data from centralized server the clients or computers exchange the data among themselves. So, what exactly happens?

User downloads a “.torrent” file. This file is loaded by Torrent client such as uTorrent and BitTorrent. “.torrent” file contains details of a “tracker”. Tracker is a server which keeps tracks of all the connected clients, has all the IP addresses of all the connected clients and shares all the IP addresses with all the clients which helps clients for connecting to each other. And from here the magic starts.

Once a client is connected to other clients it starts downloading the content into small pieces. And when a client has enough content, it starts uploading the content it has. So in this way downloading and uploading the content works simultaneously. A client downloads the parts of content from whichever server(client) the content is available. Once all the parts are downloaded then the parts are rearranged. Simultaneous uploading and downloading of content helps the Torrent to stay healthy, reduces the load from a central server by contributing to the upload bandwidth, download content at high-speed and most important makes sure the availability of content.

What is Seeder and Leecher?

Leecher is client which is downloading the content from other clients.

Seeder is client who uploads the content even after it’s downloading is completed, contributing more of it’s upload Bandwidth so that other client can download the content.

A client can be a Leecher and seeder at a same point of time, when it is downloading the content and uploading the content.

There should be at least one Seeder who has complete copy of content to make sure the data is downloadable. And this is can be a Seeder/client who uploads the content.

More the Seeders more the speed you will get. So, if you are seeding the content that means you are helping others, Keep Helping.

Tracker less Torrents / Magnet Links:

Tracker less Torrent/ Magnet Link completely puts centralized server or a tracker out of the picture. Here after downloading the Torrent file a client searchers for other client in nearby region which has information of a particular Torrent. This chain goes on until complete Torrent information is gathered. Each Torrent client uses “Distributed Hash Table” concept for this. Here each client becomes an Individual DHT client. Which means each client is tracker here.

Torrent, only for Piracy?

Torrent was created with the good intention of serving the internet. It is still serving its purpose. But, piracy of content is main game which happens more through Torrent.

Any user or organization can use Torrent for hosting and distributing the content. You can distribute anything over the Torrent. Distribution of large content is preferred over torrent as the load is reduced from a central server.

Blizzard is gaming company which distributes updates for it’s games with the help of Torrent. Linux distributes the update patches over Torrent. A very famous operating system Ubuntu is also distributed over Torrent. So, the Torrent isn’t just for piracy.

Currently Torrent may be famous tool for piracy but Torrent has a potential future and is going to serve the internet in many useful ways.

Don’t support piracy.

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Happy Learning!

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