Internet Of Things (IoT)- The Next Big Thing

Internet Of Things (IoT)- The Next Big Thing

Internet of Thing (IoT) is the network where all physical devices can be connected. The devices can be electronic devices, mechanical devices, sensors and every possible machine. The name itself suggests that it is an inter-network which would include things. It is machine talking to machine or machine talking to humans and vice versa. An example of IoT can be a sensor located near human heart to measure the blood pressure and send that data to the mobile or a computer. Here in this article we will try to understand what is Internet of Things and why it is next big thing in simple words.

What Exactly Is Internet Of Things?

Let’s take an example to understand this. Every building has overhead water tank, which stores water for the building. The tank needs to be filled from time to time. A person continuously has to keep an eye on the water level of the tank. What if, we install a sensor for the tank to detect the water level? The job of the sensor would be to notify the water pump to start and stop at notified time. This would completely remove the human work. The sensor in water tank will start the water pump if the level of water in tank goes down and will stop the water pump if the tank’s water capacity is full.

From above example we can conclude¬†that Internet of Things is a network of devices. Here the job of devices is to simply on and off. The concept revolves around the events. In simple words “If This Than That”. If one device notifies something, other device has to do an action. So this is machine talking to machine without human intervention.

Why Is IoT Next Big Thing?

The popularity of Internet and daily advancement in technology has attracted almost every human towards it. Today almost everybody has smartphone. Everybody wants automation. We all want, that things should happen automatically. And it has started happening. “Mark Zuckerberg”, the CEO of Facebook, has built an artificial Intelligence based personal assistant for himself named “Jarvis”. The job of Jarvis is to automate certain things for Mark. Jarvis is also part of Internet and IoT. Jarvis is connected with almost everything present in Mark’s house. So, if today mark has the big thing, tomorrow everyone would ask for one.

You might not know about IPV6 capacity. IPV6 is an IP addressing system. IPV6 is able to assign an individual address to almost every atom present on earth. Which means everything on the earth can be connected to the internet. And that is the aim behind the Internet of Things, to connect everything to the Internet.

Every industry is talking about IoT and has dedicated their forces to build IoT use cases. Sectors like banking and healthcare are trying to automate the things. The reason behind automation is, machines are less prone to do errors as they don’t get tired. Industry like healthcare has to deal with most precious thing on earth i.e. human’s life, so it has to be perfect. Healthcare needs continuous surveillance of the patient and this can be only achieved by sensors and the apps interpreting the data generated by sensors. And this is IoT.

Internet of Things has a bright future. The uses and applications of IoT is endless. It is really going to automate the things. Internet of Things has created new opportunities in the form of inventions and jobs to implement that inventions. This is the just the starting, we have to travel a long path along with IoT.


This was just the introduction about Internet of Things. Many more new articles are awaiting for you about IoT. Stay tuned in this section for new updates. Till then, let us know how do you like this article? What are your thoughts on Internet of Things? Write your suggestions in the comment section below. And as always we are open for your questions.

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