With The Latest WhatsApp Update You Can Tag People and Share GIF Images.


Whatsapp is always been a very handy application when it comes to messanging. And day by day Whatsapp is getting more and more interesting. Over past few months Whatsapp has come up with various updates which include sharing documents. And now Whatsapp has entered into the Tagging queue. Yes, with the latest Whatsapp update you can tag people like Facebook and Twitter. And you can also post GIF images on Whatsapp.

In recent updates Whatsapp has focused on Group functionality. Recently Whatsapp increased the group members size to 256. And now you can literally tag people into the message. Just you have to do is type “@” and start typing name of your contact, the app will show you all the matching names in a list and you have to tap on the name you wish to tag. Isn’t that amazing?


At the time of writing this article i saw a GIF image floating on Whatsapp that means whatsapp now allows GIF images as well.

Whatsapp groups are more annoying than being interesting. Because, all those long group conversations are always silly to read. The option you have is to mute the group for specific time or permanently. But with this latest update even if you have muted the group and someone tags you into a message of that group you will get a notification. That means unwillingly you get into that conversation. Now to avoid this the only option is to leave the group or turn off the Whatsapp notification.

The latest update of this features rich app might put it into your offices as well. Because, now documents sharing is also embedded into the Whatsapp and with this tagging feature the app full fills the office requirements.

What do you think about this latest update of Whatsapp? do let us know in the comment section below.

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