Project Loon | Google Balloons To Provide Internet To Everyone


Project Loon is an enthusiastic project by Google claiming to provide free internet to users who don’t have access to basic internet. Project Loon works in the form of balloons which floats around and provides direct high speed internet connectivity to users. These balloons are designed to extend internet connectivity to everyone.

What Is Google Balloon And How It Works

Google balloons are deployed in stratosphere where winds flow up to 100 km/hr. It goes up to 20 km above the ground. Means it goes above the planes. It works in the form of groups. One balloon is connected to base station from where high speed internet is provided, which in turn is relayed to all the balloons connected. Each balloon has a coverage of 5000 square kilometers.


The equipment used are highly energy efficient and work on renewable energy source. This equipment works on solar energy. They are designed to work on solar energy during day and on battery at night. These batteries are charged during day. These equipment are same used on cell towers but are highly customized for being light enough to fly in the sky.

The balloons have self navigating system on them. Which enables to stay them where are suppose to. The balloons automatically identifies the wind direction and on the basis of that they change their position up and down from one wind layer to another.

Project Loon team keeps track of every balloon using GPS. When a balloon is ready to take off the service, the gas which helps balloon to fly is released and a parachute is automatically deployed. The balloons are safely landed on ground away from crowded places. The equipment recovered from the balloons are reused and recycled.

Internet Balloons In India

India is a country where 68% of people live in rural area and faces poverty. The aim is to provide basic internet service to these people. Google is in talk with Indian government. Google balloons cannot be deployed without the helps of local telcos. But this project has a high hope in India to be deployed. It is not clear that the service will be free. But we believe that everyone has the right to connect to the world.

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