11 Simple Tips To Improve Battery Life Of Your Smartphone


Daily advancement in the technology is leading us to feature rich smartphones with inefficient battery. Your smart phone might be way advance but you battery isn’t. Battery is always main concern for all of us. The nightly charge can’t always make your next whole day. With slimmer and better design there is no room for better and bigger batteries on your smartphones.

Usually most of the smartphones have lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries.  These batteries need not to be charged 100%. The same way you don’t actually have to let drain battery completely. You can charge the battery from ant level to approximately 90%. But be careful that you don’t keep your phone always on charge. This can damage your battery as well.

In the world of heavy apps you need powerful battery, but you can’t get it. But here are some tips which will definitely help you to optimize your battery.

If You Don’t Need It Close It

We open the applications, we use them but, we don’t close them. This is bad for your battery as the apps keep running in the background and consume your batter. So it is always recommended to kill the apps which you don’t need. But, there are some apps which you use frequently. Don’t kill them. Because, whenever you again open those apps your RAM has to load them back. At that time your ram consumes battery. Kill the apps but wisely.

Turn Off Auto Synchronization For Apps

In auto synchronization mode your apps continuously use the network to keep synchronized. These leads to faster battery drain. You don’t need to synchronized every time. You can turn these off from Settings > Accounts.

Switch To Wi-Fi Over Cellular Network

Using internet on cellular network can bog down your phone. Surfing internet on cellular network consumes a lot of battery as your network antenna has to work hard. Cellular antenna is one of those culprit which keeps eating your battery like anything.

Keep A Eye On Your Network

As I mentioned in earlier point your network antenna is the most battery hungry thing. If you are in low network conditions then it is highly possible that your antenna is struggling hard to find the network. It is recommended to go on Airplane mode if you are in low network and don’t actually need the cellphone.

Turn Off GPS, NFC, Bluetooth

Turning GPS, NFC and Bluetooth is always helpful. If you are not navigating anything then why do you need GPS? Keeping GPS always on, drains your battery as many apps continuously track your location. So turn these radios off.

Turn Off Adaptive Brightness

This feature is really cool but isn’t always. Many times adaptive brightness might higher your brightness to such level which you actually don’t need. Keep your brightness low unless you really need to make it high. You can turn off this feature from Quick Settings or from Display Settings.

Turn Off Vibration

Vibration motor is also one of the hardware in your phone which consumes a lot of battery. If you are a person who gets continuously messages and calls then it is recommended to turn off the vibration. You can save a lot of battery by turning off this feature.

Update Your Apps Regularly

Updating your apps is always helpful. Read this to know why should you regularly update your apps. Newer version of app might fix battery issue if the app is consuming hell amount of battery. If you are really facing the issue you can contact developers to fix it.

Turn Off Everything When You Don’t Need It

Turn off your GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular data and everything if you don’t need it. This can put your battery to rest. You can do this while you go to sleep. This help you to save lot of battery. You can use this when you are working and don’t want to be disturbed. This helps you double way.

Explore Battery Saver Features On Your Phone

Now every phone comes with some battery saver features. You can always use them when you want to save battery. The performance of your phone may come down but can help your battery for long marathons. You can find the feature at Settings > Battery.

Avoid Live Wallpapers

Live wallpapers are cool for eyes. But are extremely hard for displays. Your display need lot of battery if it has to show live wallpaper. So, don’t use live wallpaper.

Use dark wallpaper. The dark wallpapers need to lit us very few pixels. Which indirectly helps to save battery as your display demands less.

If all these tips does not help you, consider changing your batter. Or buy a new power bank.

This way pretty much about the battery saving. These tips will definitely help you to save your batter. Battery saving is easy and it is a an art. Learn it to get best out of your phone.

If you have more such tips for battery savings feel free to comment down below.

Happy Learning!

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