Your Smartphone Can Motivate You To Workout

stay fit and mitivated

Health is prime concern in our life, but the sad fact is that it is the most neglected part as well. Everyone wants to get fit here but nobody wants to work hard for it because health is something which neither can be borrowed from someone nor can be purchased from market. For Exercising you need motivation. Unless you are habitual enough you need someone to push you. What if your smartphone helps you to stay motivated for working out, pushes you to do such great things again and again? Here in these article we will let you know some apps which are very convenient to use and which helps you to stay motivated.

Google Fit:

Google Fit
Google fit is the best one out there in my opinion. Most important thing, Google fit is absolutely free. It has all the features a premium app should have. Our outdoor activities such as walking, running, cycling are tracked using GPS on our phone. And here google fit performs extremely well in poor network condition (Tested).
Here are some features of Google fit:

Google Fit Features 1. Live activity tracking.
2. Calories counter.
3. Pedometer.
4. Set goals.
5. Timeline.
6. Intuitive user interface
7. Excellent performance
8. High accuracy.


HealthifyMe Logos black
HealtifyMe is your personal fitness coach. HealtifyMe helps us to track our activities as well as track our nutrition. It is premium app but is also available in free version. Premium version opens up various more features. In premium version you can engage a personal coach which can help you to manage your fitness more properly. HealtifyMe has calories counter as well, you have to feed the data into the app. Here are some features of HealtifyMe:

healtify me features 1. Comprehensive tracker.
2. Robust calories counter.
3. Automated real-time insights.
4. Set fitness goal.
5. Personal coach.
6. Diet, Fitness and Yoga Plans.

This are some apps which i have used and tested and helped me very well. But, the list does not end here, it goes on and on. Let us know in comments below what apps you have used and how they have helped you workout and stay motivated.

Happy Learning!

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