How Does Your Smartphone Gets Charged | Normal And Fast Charging Explained

How Does Your Smartphone Gets Charged | Normal And Fast Charging Explained

Everyday before leaving your home, you check your phone’s battery level. Because, that is the energy which will keep your phone awake whole day. These days smartphone comes while bunch of features and to run all these features they carry a giant battery. Normally, you will find a battery anyway above 3000 mah in any new smartphone. To charge these giant batteries you need to keep your phone stick to the charger for long time. A 2 amp output charger would charge a 3000 mah battery in about 2 hours. This is long time. Your smartphone’s battery life is also a main concern, here is a list of some tips which will help you to improve your smartphone’s battery life.

In case you forget to charge the battery at night and have to leave for the office in 15 minutes what is the option you have? Here, Fast charging or Quick charge comes into picture. Fast charging can charge you smartphone’s battery in half the time of normal charge. There are bunch of technologies available in the market, but Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is the most famous and reliable of them all. Qualcomm Quick 2.0 standard charger can juice up your 3000 mah battery upto 60% in 15 minutes only.

How Does Your Smartphone Normally Gets Charged

When you connect your smartphone to a charger it starts getting charged. This is real simple, isn’t it. But lets understand what happens behind the curtain. As soon as your smartphone gets connected to a charger, smartphones’s charging regulator gets into picture. The main job of regulator is to regulate the power flow into your battery. Regulator allows only certain amount of power to the battery. It stops additional power to get into the battery. Nowadays, every phone has power regulators, which avoids the battery to get overcharged.

If you charge your mobile phone using the charger provided by the company, than nothing is better than that. You can rest assure for your battery. Because, it is the recommended charger for your mobile phone’s battery. You can charge your phone with more power charger or less power charger, but your phone isn’t going to take that more power inside. Yes, phone will get charged quite faster.

Fast / Quick Charging

We learned how a battery gets charged normally fast charging is just the next version of it. Your battery’s regulator allows only certain power to the battery. In case of fast charging, we just allow some more power to the battery. There isn’t any rocket science behind. If you allow more power to the battery at single point of time, then obviously it will get charged rapidly. Normally allowed power to the smartphone is 2 amp, but in fast charging 5 amp power supply can be allowed. The charger for fast charging are also different, they just emit more power than the normal charger.

During allowing more power to the smartphone’s battery many things are taken care of like over heating of the battery or exploding of battery. After all these verification of all these things it is allowed for sale in the market.

You must have seen that using fast charging the battery might get pumped up from 0 to 60% in 15 minutes. But, those remaining 40% needs more time, why? Because, during first 60% regulator charges random cells rapidly which are instantly available. But, during next half it finds the uncharged cells of the battery and charges them. It cannot overcharge same cells. So the next 40% needs more time to get charged.

Fast Charging have its own advantages and disadvantages :

  • Advantage : In case of fast charging you phone will just get charged instantly. Like 60% in 15 minutes. This can help you when you are in hurry.
  • Disadvantage : There are quite a bit disadvantages of fast charging. Very first is your battery will get heat up when doing fast charging. During fast charging more power enters into the battery which lets battery consume more capacity of it’s own causing it to heat a bit. Second, Fast charging will not be helpful for long-term, it can reduce your battery life to a certain extent.

It is always recommended to charge your phone using fast / quick charger only when you really need it, else charge it using normal charger. These will help you to keep your battery life intact. You can read this tips to improve your battery life.

This was pretty much non-technical about the charging and fast charging of your smartphone’s battery. Let us know in the comment section below how you like the article. And as always we are open for your questions.

Happy Learning!

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