What Is Social Media Marketing And Why It Is Important For Your Business

What Is Social Media Marketing And Why It Is Important For Your Business

Social Media Marketing is a way to promote your business, product or service on Internet.  It is the marketing of your business through social media like Facebook, Twitter , LinkedIn etc.  Number of users on social media is increasing day by day. Marketing through social media enables you to connect and interact with audience at much more dynamic level than traditional marketing. If you want to spread your brand name easily then you must go with the Social Media Marketing Strategy.

The world is becoming digital and digital marketing is being adopted in every field. There are several Digital Marketing Strategies which can help you to grow your business. Social media marketing is one of them. Social media marketing can help small businesses to reach their potential customers in very less time. Nowadays people interact more with their favorite brands online.

Social Media

In today’s tech savvy world, social media has become an integral part of our online life. So, what is social media exactly? Social media are computer mediated platforms to create and share the information, career interests, ideas, thoughts or any type of expression via virtual community or a network.  Websites and applications dedicated to forums, blogs, social networking, social bookmarking is known as social media. Some prominent examples of social media are, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest etc.

Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business

  • Brand Awareness : Social media plays very important role when it comes to make your business more familiar and recognizable. Social media networks are new channels for your brand’s voice. The users over social media are increasing day by day. So, when you go with social media marketing for your business, it gives you a chance to be easily accessible to new customers and your targeted audience. For example, a frequent Facebook user could know about your company very first time only after it started appearing in news feeds.
  • Brand Loyalty : When you have the presence of your business or brand on social media, you make it easier for your customers to find you and get connected. Study says the customers who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands.
  • More Opportunities For Converting Leads : When make your brand visible on social media, engagement of customers is also an important thing. So when you make new post, it is a chance for customers to convert. When you have your brand on social media you will have access to new customers, recent customers and old customers also. You will be able to interact with all of them. Each blog post, image, video is a chance for someone to react. Every reaction can lead to a visit to your website. So using social media marketing gives you opportunities to get more leads.
  • Increase Website Traffic And Search Rankings : As you get more opportunities for converting leads it tends to more traffic to your website. One of the biggest benefit of social media marketing to increase the traffic to your website.
  • Fast And Easy Content Sharing : In traditional marketing people face the challenge of ensuring whether their content reached to the customer they are targeting or not in short time. If you want spread the content about your business you just have to share that content on your brand’s social media accounts.
  • Target The Audience (Geo-Targeting) : Geo-Targeting is an effective way when it comes to sharing your content to specific audience based on their location. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have their specific tools that allows you to communicate with the right of audience targeted by you for a location.
  • Build Relationship With Customers : Social media isn’t just about blasting your sale and go social. It’s a two-way channel where you get chance to enrich the relationship with your customer. Once your customer starts reacting to you through social media you starts to build relationship with the customers. This type of dialogue between brand and the customer is something which cannot be achieved by the traditional marketing.

Social Media has a treasure of various benefits to help you to spread a mouth-of-word about your business. By using it, you can learn more about your customers, can get engage with your targeted audience, and extend your brand’s reach.

Are you planning to use Digital Marketing Strategies like Social Media Marketing for your business? What are your thoughts about spreading a mouth-of-word about your brand via social media? Do let us know what you think about social media marketing in comment section below. And as always we are always open for your questions.

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