7 Tips To Create A Strong Password And How To Remember It

7 Tips To Create A Strong Password And How To Remember It

In today’s world password is the key which hold all your information and secrets. We all have online accounts more than our bank accounts. There are number of sites for which we have have to maintain separate password. But, Do we really keep separate password for every site? Most of the people on Internet use same password for all the sites. Study shows that 70% of the people use same password for Gmail and Facebook. Using same password for every site makes you more vulnerable. Because, if your one account gets hacked then hacker will need no time to hack your other accounts.

Creating strong passwords and remembering is not a tough job. Creating is easy but remembering is not that easy. But, don’t worry here we’ve got your back. Go through this article and you will find some tips to create strong password and how to remember them.

Conventional Guidelines For A Password

No password related can get complete without these guidelines. These guidelines are heart and soul of any password.

  • Minimum length of password should be 12 characters. This may differ. As there is no absolute guide for minimum length of a password. The longer the better.
  • Use one upper case letter in the password.
  • Use a number in the character.
  • A special character in the password is always recommended.
  • Don’t use any dictionary word.
  • Change your password at regular intervals.

These were the minimum guidelines, but there are lot more.

Try To Make The Habit Of Password Manager

Remembering all those difficult passwords i tough job, i agree. But, you have no option, if you want to stay safe. There are tools in the market which help you to create strong password and remember them. Yes, i am talking about password manager. Dashlane is a strong tool which comes for our rescue. It supports almost every platform and web browsers. It helps you to create strong password and to remember it. Give it a try, it has free version also.

Use Your Favorite Book

You might have thought, how my favorite book will help me through this. Suppose the book you like has a beautiful sentence on page number 106 saying “you are flower of my garden”. That was not so good sentence, i know. No what you can do is. Replace the “0” number from your page number with alphabet “O”, which will make it “1O6”. And now make a pattern for the sentence. Every alternative word’s alphabets will turn into their count and pick the starting alphabets of other words. Your page number and sentence will become “Y3F2m61O6”. If you want, through a random special character and you will boost your password’s strength to maximum.

You can use the above trick with any of your favorite movie dialogue, a company’s tagline, any movie name or anything which you like the most. Initially creating this type of passwords and remembering it is bit difficult, But don’t stop soon you will get habitual to it. This is very easy.

Use A Sentence From Your Mother Tongue

Don’t worry in this section i am not going to ask you to use any pattern. No hacker has born till date who knows all the languages in the world. Hackers try to break your password with English dictionary words. You can use any sentence from your mother tongue and type it in English. Like “aaichi shappat”, which means i swear. I will not apply any logic on this, but i will through some random special characters and number in the sentence to make it unbreakable. “Aaichi-Shappat2*”. Trust me guys, any will take years to break this.

Use A Base Password

You can use a base password and use this on every site with different combinations. Consider your base password is “Flower”. First try to make this one hard. “fL0m@r^”. I have used random thing here. You can craft you own. Now what you can do is, for Facebook make it “FACfL0m@r^1”, for Gmail make it “GMAfL0m@r^1” this goes on an on. While changing your password you can either increase the number trailing or put the site’s initial at the back and number at the front. I would say you are the creator of your own password.

Use Keyboard Pattern

Guys, this one is quite tricky. But this is super simple. What you have to do is, choose a word, say “super”. No press key to the left of each alphabets, which will make “ayowe”. Your password is almost ready. Just through in some random special characters and numbers and your brand new strong password is ready.

Complimentary Tips For You

No we have learned how to create strong and easy to memorize passwords. Let’s verify if your created password is really that strong. Click on this link and enter your password and it will show you how many time a computer will need to break your password.

Still lazy to create a password? don’t worry use this link and generate a strongest password for your self.


All that we have mentioned above are only some of the tricks and tips for generating your password. But you can use your own craft to make a stronger password for yourself. As i said earlier “You Are The Creator Of Your Own Password”.

Guys, i have like this article do share with your friends and don’t forget to comment down below any additional tips you have. And always we are open for your questions.

Happy Learning!

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