13 Tips To Prevent Your Bank Account From Getting Hacked


Nowadays bank account related frauds are really occurring much more frequently. Recently 3.2 million debit card’s security was breached, which lead hackers full access of these debit cards. This can happen to anyone. Your hard earned money can fly away in seconds. It can happen due to your mistake or bank’s mistake. If our account gets hacked that means hacker has full access to your account including your bank information as well as your personal information. And your information can be used for any purpose.

In today’s Information technology world hacking is much more simpler than earlier. There are many ways through your security can be breached. Your mobile phone is a major source for hacking because all your personal information is stored on your phone. Whoever gets access to your mobile phone can easily hack your information.

Here are some ways to prevent your bank account from getting hacked :

  • Change your ATM PIN and online banking credentials at regular intervals.
  • Do not write your ATM PIN or online banking credentials anywhere. Try to remember it.
  • Do not allow anybody to stand behind you when you are withdrawing cash from ATM machine. He/she can see your password.
  • Do not give your mobile phone to anyone. They can misuse it.
  • While logging into your online banking always use on screen keyboard. Every bank portal provides online keyboard. Your keyboard key press can also be recorded.
  • Make your online banking password strong. Alphabets, numbers, special characters and a upper case letter is always recommended.
  • Do not share your your credentials with anyone.
  • Always remember to log out your online banking account when your work is completed.
  • Do not choose save credentials option on your browser.
  • Try to use online banking from a secure network.
  • If your credit or debit card is lost immediately contact your bank and ask them to block the card.
  • In case of any unusual activity contact your bank as soon as possible.
  • Do not discuss about your bank details in public. Most people do that.

This are the some tips by which you can prevent your bank account from getting hacked.

If you have some more tips feel free to share in comment section below we will add them to the list.

Be Safe And Be Secure.

Happy Learning!

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