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update apps regularly

Do you get that notification regularly saying “15 apps are pending for update”? If yes, then go ahead and update your apps. Don’t even think of data, just update them. Those notifications are really annoying. But, they are really important. Updating your apps is as important as charging your mobile. There are several reason behind updating your apps. Let’s find out why you should regularly update your apps.

Why To Update Apps Regularly?

There are plenty of reason to have the latest version of an app on you phone.

  • Security : Normally with a new version of an app security bugs are fixed. This is most important reason you should update your apps. Whenever a vulnerability is identified into the app, developers fix it ask you to update your apps. For example, if you are using old version of a messaging app and it is somehow started leaking your data. Then the developer fixes this defect and pushes a update. So, to save your personal data from getting leaked you should update the app.
  • Features : New update come with new features. This might be a feature you were waiting for. So why not to stay updated? For example, currently Whatsapp came up with new updates related to tagging people, sending GIF images and much more. All this were really interesting features. So, to use the latest features you should update your apps.
  • Stability : Non-security related bugs are also fixed in new updates. Let’s say your app was crashing due to some unknown reason again and again. This issue might get fixed in the new update. To get better experience of your apps you should update them regularly.
  • Performance : Earlier LinkedIn use to really work very slow on my phone. But their latest update has improved performance and speed. To get best out of an app you should update it regularly.
  • Operating System Update :  Whenever new version of operating system comes developers try to embed the new supported functionalities into their app. Like, now they provide app lock security via your fingerprint. Android marshmallow started supporting finger print, so the new apps also started supporting fingerprint.

Which Apps To Update Regularly:

  • Apps With Personal Information : Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp are some of the apps which you should update regularly. Hackers try continuously penetrate the security of these apps and developer try continuously to strengthen the security of these apps. To avoid yourself from becoming next victim you should update this apps regularly.
  • Finance And Banking : Your personal banking apps keep your banking information with them. A security loop hole might put you in big trouble. To avoid the chaos update this apps regularly.

Updating apps like games, entertainment, utility and lifestyle is completely optional. Because, they do not have your personal information. But to get better experience, better performance and new features you should update this apps.

We tried to fill you all the necessary information regarding updating your apps. But, if we still miss anything, feel free to put it in the comments below.

Update Your Apps Regularly And Get Most Out Of It.

Happy Learning!

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