How To Own Web Space, a Domain Name and How to Associate them.

Having your own Website is just as equal as Owning a real estate property, means one can identify you with your Website. Website is the best way to share your thoughts, spread your business and  showcase your products, talent and skills. Now a days we do almost everything online like shopping, booking tickets, watching videos, listening songs and many other things. But, the important thing is if you want to spread your thoughts to huge audience then there is no better option than having your own Website or Blog.

So lets assume you are a Computer Literate person and you managed to create your own Website. Now, comes the biggest question, where should i host this Website, right? But, you do have solutions here. You can host your Website on any free Hosting Provider. They are tons of available in the market like, 000webhost, and many more. They give you free Web Space, free Domain Name, free Database and many such facilities. But, believe me friends nothing comes for free in this world. They provide you free services, but the services are not reliable. Your website might get down at anytime, your data might get lost and many such things can happen which are not at all expected. You can use this free services but only when you are testing out or developing something. But if you are going live and reaching out to mass people then i will suggest don’t select free services. It’s always better to spend some money and take reliable services.

Today, I am going to tell you a way through which you can have your own Web space, your own Domain Name. That means you are in full control of your assets.

How to get your own Web Space:

There are such service providers in market which offer really great services. And one of them which i really suggest is Amazon Web Services. AWS allows us to create our own Virtual Machine on their cloud, which they call as EC2 Instance. You can have any operating system you wish on your Server. They don’t charge you anything for limited services for 1 year. But the limited services which AWS provides is not limited, it’s much more than we expect. If you are a developer and test out something then AWS’s free EC2 Instance can surely help you. After creating a virtual machine on AWS, you can host anything on your server like your own website, deploy applications. So, if you want to create your own virtual machine then refer to the tutorial below.

How to get a Public IP for your virtual machine/EC2 Instance on AWS:

If you have your own server or virtual machine and you want that, the services hosted on your server should be accessed from outside world then you should have a Public IP for it. Public IP is the address by which your server is located. So, if you have created your virtual machine/ EC2 Instance on AWS. Then,  how to get a public IP for it is explained in the tutorial below.

How to associate your Server’s public IP and your Domain Name on

You are reading this means you are definitely having your own Public IP and a Domain Name. If you don’t have Domain Name then you can purchase it from Having an awesome Domain Name is as important as having a good design for your Website. Your domain name is the way by which people will identify your Website. But unless and until you associate your Domain Name with your Server’s IP it is not possible. So how will you associate your Domain Name and your Server’s IP on is explained in the tutorial below.

Great, if you have followed all the steps that means you are Hosting something on your very own Server. So, do let us know how does this tutorial helped you. What did you hosted on your server and what is your domain name.

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