What Exactly Is Internet? And How Does It Work?


The thing due to which you are reading this is called as Internet. Internet is a large network which has uncountable networks in it i.e. Internet is a network of networks. It connects all the computers in the world. A computer connected to another computer makes a network and a network connected to another networks makes the Internet. This are all the simple definitions i know. But what exactly does this means?

Let’s look at a example. I have a server on which this blog is hosted and this server has it’s own network. You are reading this article means you have your network. Like this there are several networks in the world. When all this connect with each other they make internet.

How Does Internet Work

A standalone computer cannot make a internet. There has to be several computers which make the internet. Internet is a peer to peer network where each computer is connected to other in one or another way.

When you get a internet connection you get connected to your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) network. This ISPs are in turn connected to some other network. This goes on and on.  Does this have a end? yes it has. It is a Internet Exchange where all the major service providers are connected. It let’s everybody stay connected. The ISPs, Social networks, hosting servers are all connected to Internet Exchange. But, this does not means that Internet Exchange owns internet.

Internet Is Decentralized

Yes, no one owns internet. The information over internet is spread. No one has all the rights of internet. You can also share the information on internet like i do. This means the information which i host is accessed from my computer or my server. Which proves that every computer is connected to each other. How exactly do all these computers access information from each other?

Transfer Of Data

Every computer which is connected to internet has a address which is called as IP Address. So, whenever you have to get information from a specific computer you should know it’s IP address, which is hard to remember. So there is Domain name which is mapped with IP Address.

When you try to access another it is suppose to be connected to your computer. But, it is actually connected? The answer is no. Every computer is connected to another computer in on or another way. Due to this there are multiple ways by which two computers are connected.

The data which is suppose to transfer does not go through a single route.  The data which is to be transferred is divided into small packets. Each packets has the source and destination address. While travelling from source to destination each packet may follow different path. Which means these packets get scattered while they travel. The destination computer know how to arrange these packets. Because these packets have the sequence number as well. While travelling if the path of a packets breakdown due to some issue, the path takes another path. The packet takes every possible path until it reaches the destination.

Routers are network devices which help the data packets to get on the right path. Router plays very important role in routing the packets to their destination.

The routing of data is explained more fantastically in below video. The video is by code.org.


  1. Internet is a network of networks.
  2. Internet is decentralized.
  3. No one owns internet
  4.  Internet has enabled us to stay connected.

Internet is not a small topic which can be covered in this single article. We have tried to cover the information in brief. We would love if you can share more information with us on this topic. Contribute to the article by commenting blow.

Happy Learning!

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