What Is Content Delivery Network (CDN) | How It Works | Why You Should Use It

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a wide network which delivers contents to a user based on his geographical location and the origin of content. CDN servers are spread widely over the globe and are dedicated to deliver the content to a user as much faster as they can. It works on caching technology and uses reverse proxy topology. Today every website uses CDN. If you are reading this article that means your content is delivered through a CDN.

What Is The Need Of CDN?

When a user tries to access a webpage, it is delivered from a server. This server is called as Hosting Server. If the distance between the user and the server is long then content loads slower. This introduces Latency. Latency is the time between the request raised by the user and content delivered to the user. Higher latency leads to slow loading of pages. This turns outs to be bad experience for user.

So to overcome this problem or reduce the latency CDN comes into picture. CDN delivers content to the user based on his geographical location. Content is delivered to the user from the nearest server. This reduces latency and hence the user experience is increased.

How Does CDN Work

How does CDN work - Working of Content Delivery Network

CDN sits in font of back-end server. The content is cached on the CDN server. This content is then delivered to all the geographical locations of CDN servers also know as points of presence. This PoPs are responsible to deliver the content to the user.

For example, If a site is hosted in United Kingdom and a user is trying to access it from India. Then the contents will not be delivered from UK server but are delivered from the nearest CDN server which is close to India. This reduces the latency by high difference.

Who Should Use CDN?

Today everyone uses CDN. Whether you are using social media, watching videos on YouTube or reading something on web everything is delivered via CDN. 3/4 content on the web today is delivered by the CDN.

If you have a website and you want it to accessed by the people all around the globe efficiently then you should use CDN. But, if your website is for limited audience i.e. for particular geographical location then you should not use CDN. It may hamper the performance of your website.

CDN should be used by :

  • Bloggers
  • E-commerce websites
  • Governments
  • NGOs
  • Advertisers

Benefits Of Using CDN

  • Faster delivery of content is main benefit of using Content Delivery Network.
  • CDN helps you with load balancing of your traffic.
  • It also protects your website from network attacks. Like DDoS.

This was pretty much about CDN in short. If you feel to add some points please let us in the comments below.

Happy Learning!

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