What Is Web Hosting

web hosting

“Web Hosting Is a Service Or Facility Which Allows An Individual Or An Institution To Publish Their Webpages On Internet”. One can publish his/her webpages on internet so that anybody can view them. A Server store these webpages. This server is responsible to serve these pages whenever requested. Anyone can access this webpages using their Internet browser. Let’s look in more detail what does Web Hosting means.

Details Of Web Hosting

Let’s discuss this with an example. Suppose you have something to sell. But as no one knows that you have something to sell, you will be lost. So, what you do is, you put your goods to sell at a stall or in a shop and start advertising it. Due to which people know about you and your goods and your sales starts increasing. The same applies with web hosting.

Web hosting is the source through which you make your private property as public. So, that people start accessing it or using it. It let’s you to go public on internet. Web hosting is nothing but a public server where you store your website or webpages from where people can access them easily.

web hosting


Web hosting is like buying a property on the internet. The way you buy a real estate property, the same way you buy a internet property. But you cannot own a property permanently on internet nowadays, you have to rent it.

Web hosting is either free or paid. But, paid web hosting is always better and reliable. We will talk about free and paid web hosting in another article. You have to pay certain amount to web hosting provider on the basis of which you get more services. The more you pay the more you get, the less you pay the less you get.

Here are some web hosting providers : Bluehost, Hostgator, Godaddy. These are some famous one, but there are lot more in market. You can explore them based ion your needs.


So the conclusion is “A Web Hosting Is The Property You Buy On Internet By Which You Make Your Services Accessible To Public”.

Hope you have understood what Web Hosting is. If you still have any doubts, feel free to ask us in comments below. Your valuable Suggestion are also welcome.

Happy Learning!

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