Why Does My Computer Works Slow And How Should I Make It Fast

Why Does My Computer Works Slow And How Should I Make It Fast

A personal computer slows down after some time. It is not the case that due to time, machine slows down. But, there are some other reasons. Well, this is the case with Windows computers. Your computer might slow down when you are working on it. Don’t worry, here we have some tips and tricks which will help you to make your computer fast on the go.

Hunt Down Resource Hungry Apps

If your computer slows down suddenly when you are working, that means there are certain processes which are consuming excessive memory. You can find such processes from “Task Manager”. It is recommended to close those resource hungry processes if you don’t need them. To kill or close such processes, click on the processes name and select “End Task”.

Close System Try Icons

You can find these system try icon in bottom right corner of your personal computer. These are the apps which mostly initialize when machine starts up and keep running in the background. They definitely eat some resources. It is recommended to close few of them which you don’t need. This will free up some resources.

Disable Startup Programs

There are certain programs or applications which start when windows starts up. These programs are called as startup programs. Startup programs consume a lot of resources while starting. Due to which, the initial loading of operating system slows down. It is recommended to remove these programs from startup option. Start them when you need them.

Here are steps to disable startup programs for Windows 7 :

  1. Click “Windows” + r.
  2. Type msconfig.
  3. Find startup tab and click on it.
  4. Unselect the programs which you don’t want to start on windows startup.
  5. Save it.
  6. Reboot the windows.

Compromising On Look And Feel

Your computer takes a lot of resources showing animations while switching tabs, closing windows and many more time. These things reduces performance if you have lower configuration machine. You should consider compromising on your animations. You can reduce the animations from “Performance”, which can be found at “Advanced System Settings”.

Check The Web Browser

If you use web browser a lot then its time to have a proper look at it. It might be the culprit behind slowness of your computer. It isn’t exactly your web browser which is slowing down your computer. But, the add-ons and plugins consume a lot of resources. If you have those extra plugins, consider removing the ones which you don’t need. This will definitely free some memory and resources.

Scan Your System For Virus

Your might be running slow due to a malware. The malware is not virus exactly, but is related to web interference. You should scan you system regularly using an antivirus program to stay safe from virus. Antivirus has its own uses.

Check The Disk Space

You computer might be working slow due to the disk space. Yes, the availability of disk space might hamper the performance of your computer. Your should clean up the disk space. You can empty the recycle bin. You can clean the temporary folder. Disk cleanup tool by windows also comes handy when it comes to cleaning up the disk space.

Uninstall Unused Programs

This is the most important thing I would recommend. Why to keep the apps in your machine when you are not using it. These unused might be consuming your resources and memory. Uninstall them before they become trouble.

Reinstall Windows

This is the last step one should think of. If the steps above does not work for you, then you should seriously consider this option. I would recommend don’t perform this step if you don’t know much about it. You should visit nearest computer store and ask them to reinstall your windows.

These tips should definitely increase the performance and speed of your computer. Do let us know what do feel about these article. If you have some more tips for increasing performance of your computer comment down below. And as always we are open for all your questions.

Happy Learning!

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